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GoPro Africa - Undiluted Truth about Swiss Golden

Hello readers, welcome to Gopro Africa with your host Paul Show. Gopro Africa is the first blog from Nigeria to the African community to give you undiluted information about an mlm or network marketing company, and when we say undiluted we mean give you the Truth that many others refuse to expose.
Today on Gopro Africa based on request from our readers we will be dissecting a company called SWISS GOLDEN. I know most of you may have heard about this company or probably you were a prospect to someone and you are trying to carry out your due diligence on the above name company.
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Is Swiss Golden Legit or a Scam???
Let’s break the ICE or in Nigeria most people say, let me burst your bubble. 

YES. SWISS GOLDEN IS A SCAM!!!!! (In my opinion and I will prove that shortly).


There are 2types of Residual income you can earn which are Active Income and Passive Income.
Active Residual income is the income you get or earn for a direct exchange of activity meaning no exchange of activity, no income.
Passive Residual income is the income that keeps coming when the effort or activity that is used to provide or produce it has stopped.
In the industry of network marketing on this basis, there are just 2 groups of companies based on the value they provide.
1.       Companies with Products (This is dominated by the wellness industry globally/supplements e.g. Forever living, GNLD, Organo gold, Trevo, Oriflame, etc)
2.       Companies with Services (H2i, Melisfon, Eklipse consults, etc)
Categories of Companies based on the type of Income they offer.

a.       Marketing Plan – A marketing plan pays you on the frequency or volume of products buying and selling going on in your network or organization. Companies with marketing plan require their distributors to buy/purchase products monthly or frequently more than they can consume forcing the distributors to hit the streets to sell the products. Let me correct an impression here when they tell you, people are looking for the products, because the product is very good.  Now listen readers every product of every network marketing company especially in the wellness industry is good or let me say great and they actually work, so if the company embraces using multi-level marketing to distribute her product in my opinion selling sales should be replaced with consumption. Nevertheless companies on marketing plan are fully LEGAL COMPANIES and also good to venture. E.g. Forever living, GNLD, Organo Gold, Long Rich, Swiss Garde, etc.
Note that in this plan only a few people who were part of the company from onset and has huge network will end up attaining true financial freedom

b.      Compensation Plan – A compensation plan pays you on the frequency of product/service usage or consumption going on in your network or organization. Companies that have true compensation plan only require you to purchase products that you will consume in a single month and nothing more. So your work is to build a network of product users not those who will buy and sell. A compensation plan is the true picture of what a genuine network marketing company should be. Sadly there are only 3 companies globally that are on this plan, Yes just 3(Three). These companies require you to either build a network of product/service users or earn passive residual income or promote a service for utilization and earn passive residual income. E.g. Trevo, Powur (NEW; US and environs), Eklipse Consults (New; Nigeria). This is a fully LEGIT COMPANY and the perfect model to residual income.

c.       Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes - A ponzi scheme simply put is the transfer of investment from newer distributors to older distributors while the owner of the scheme or platform has control of the income flow and in most cases takes a chunk of the fund transfer. These schemes are purely ILLEGAL, NEVER SUSTAINABLE, BUSINESS-ROBBERY etc. Ponzi schemes are classified into 3 groups.

i.                  Product- Ponzi Schemes- This are deceptive schemes who are actually operating or running a Ponzi but has a product either a product the said company produces e.g  PHYTO-SCIENCE, AIMS GLOBAL etc or they locate a product that is of value, e.g SWISS GOLDEN, EMGOLDEX, etc.  In the past few years these category of Ponzi schemes are growing very fast and in the course of their presentation or product pitching they explain and pitch the value attached to the product just enough for you the VICTIM to see the intense value exchange and IMPACT the company mission states and why you should be a part of it. For only those who really understand, during the business pitching its structure and model is simply a PONZI/PYRAMID scheme.

ii.               Service-Ponzi Schemes – This are also strategically deceptive schemes running what I call an open-ponzi but locates a service with little value to umbrella their pyramid activity. E.g Helping hands international (H2i), Meridian Life Support Organization (Melifson), Happy World Meal Gate, Growing Circles etc. These companies simply locate services but only for those who can really tell that the chunk of the income generated almost 100% for some are generated through recruitment of new members. H2i members have a slogan “Helping the less privileged and humanitarian service is what I love doing, putting smiles on their faces” while the new company Happy World Meal Gate says “Fighting Hunger and Poverty initiative to stop recession”, others say “If products are not present and service is offered, business is done”. Funny how it sounds that these slogans really get to the vulnerable recruits who I call Victims.

iii.             Full Breed Ponzi Schemes – This schemes are the truest definition of what a Ponzi or pyramid scheme is and they actually have nothing to hide, even in their disclaimer and terms and conditions it is clearly written there they advise you to use the funds you can afford to lose, some even before investing ask questions to know If you are in sound mind or what you are about to invest and are fully aware of the risk, cannot hold the company if you lose all of your funds. E.g. MMM, MMM-UNITED, GETHELPWORLDWIDE, CMA, ZARFUND, etc. This scheme, any Ponzi scheme is simply a model of robbing Peter to Paul. Immediately the population of gullible Peter reduces or stops are now aware that they are being robbed the schemes crashes. In a Ponzi scheme that pays you 100% ROI, for 1000 people to be paid 2000 people have to lose their money. That’s the simple truth, the higher the number of people to be paid, the higher those who will lose.


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 I guess with this you already know were swiss golden stands and why I say it is an illegal business. When you come to the internet to search about the genuine nature of the swiss golden company, it is very common you see people hating on the company, saying they office they claim to have in London is fake, some say it’s a serviced-office and no one visits the location and all of that. To me I really don’t see that as an issue, I tell people, if we can see schemes like zarfund, mmm, pull a large population of individuals worldwide to invest their money without a physical presence or office, it tells us that the world is really a global village and in this generation we will see genuine legal mlm companies with true compensation plan to provide financial freedom and they will be fully fleshed online companies, the fact that this illegal companies are pioneering the online movement doesn’t mean we cannot have a legal company that’s online.
In simple terms without breaking down the compensation plan of swiss golden in my opinion, Swissgolden is a perfect example of this type of a product-ponzi scam. With their marketing program, only a small amount of gold is actually sold by Swissgolden. The vast majority of the money is made by people investing in their Pyramid/Ponzi scheme marketing program and not in gold. People buying slots and positions then having to attain a spot on the pyramid table where they will actually receive the gold bars after actually completing the initial Ponzi/pyramid mission, you are compensated with the promised-value from the start point which is the gold.
With the swiss golden marketing plan very little quantity of gold is sold and the vast majority of money is gotten from recruiting new VICTIMS in exchange of positions and a promised-value when you attain a position on the pyramid scheme through recruitment solely not sales of gold. Ladies and gentlemen even with a very high valued product like GOLD it really doesn’t matter, if the structure of the plan is aims at recruitment of new investors then it is simply a Product-Ponzi scam, or if that sound good, better put is PURE SCAM. The company claims you can double your investment with no risk. The substantial returns that are promised by swiss golden to investor are primarily based on the ability and
Capacity to recruit new VICTIMS and there is little or no incentive for the investor to sell the GOLD products. Swiss golden is not offering you a business to run but offering you a simple Ponzi scheme that you can run ON your friends and family and other gullible VICTIMS you get.

Above like i always tell my clients, if you reject the truth you will be left with no other option than to accept a lie. If you say you don't care whether the company or business is illegal or legal on a default a programming is going on. If you enroll lets say 500 people to join you in h2i ponzi scheme for instance, and then let say you got to the top or you did not, then you move to Meridian Life support or Swiss golden. Now watch this, if you go back to those 500 people to join you in this new opportunity just a fraction of those 500 people will join you. Why? Simply because they have lost trust and credibility in your business I.Q and decision making. Eventually when you come across a true genuine opportunity, it will be harder for your to promote because in the past on a default you have announced yourself on a wrong platform.


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