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The Undiluted Differentiation of Mlm companies based on The Income they Offer

Hello readers, welcome to another episode on Gopro africa. Today we would he going back to the fundamental differentiation of network marketing companies group what they offer in terms of Income offered.
I want to use this medium to appreciate everyone who have been stopping by to read my articles, bookmarked my blog, added to circles etc from within and outside africa in the quest for the undiluted truth and knowledge making sure you make the right decision in network marketing. Also to those who gets very angry i exposed their company and it has affected your business in one way or the other, i am sincerely sorry but the truth is that for there to be a revolution(complete change) not evolution(progressive change) in the network marketing industry, many companies have to be exposed and this would hurt the registered members. 

Today i bring you good news for those who have broken trust system towards the industry, for those who says the industry is for a selected few who possess marketing skills and knowledge, those who say i cannot talk to people. To some of my readers also i may hurts you because i'll mention the name of some companies operating illegal, money stealing schemes using the networking model. 
1. Helping Hands International A.k.A H2i
2. Growing Circles 
3. Fourcornas Allaince 
4. Let us partner with you
5. Global Helpers Allaince 
6. NGN1000 etc

Ladies and Gentlemen, If you refuse to accept the Truth, you are left with no other option than to accept a lie/false. Of all these companies affore mentioned above with intense research and deep understanding, i can categorically say that they are all ILLEGAL ponzi money stealing schemes who only sell dreams and not value. For the sake of those visiting this blog for the first time, i always say that the interaction of activity in ANY LEGAL network company must be in their model. Anything different from this model is ILLEGAL, SCAM or PONZI.

1. A Parent company who have taken time to product or manufacture a Valued Product or Service. This is the very first question you have to ask, what is the product/service offered of the company?, what value does it give?. 

2. A platform for individuals to partner, register, sign up, to own his/her own platform to grow a network of users around a said Product or Service Offered. (although some companies compell you to sell products in the cause of this).

3. Product Reorder/ Service Reoffer- the goal of any legal network marketing company should be to provide a monetary passive system. Ignore all those motivational statement they might have told you, asked you if you had a dream, goal in life and all those stuffs(trying to work on your psycology). 
Ladies and gentlemen mark this statement, If there is no reorder of product or reoffer of a said service MONTHLY in network marketing you cannot have passive income. Enrollment commission, Fast start bonus, Referral bonus, Dual bonus or what ever they call it never keeps paying passively when enrollment stops. 

At this i would want to explain a point that even the so called 10years experience in network marketing doesnt know, what even that person who has collected 7cars in your company have never heard off. 

Residual Income: Every company both legal, illegal, scam, ponzi, pyramid schemes all declare they offer residual income in different context. 
What is Residual income- Residual income simply means recurring income. i.e. income that keeps coming monthly, daily, hourly etc. 
There are 2 forms of residual income which are Active residual income and Passive Residual Income. 

Active residual income is the income that is gotten from direct exchange of activity for money. For example a job(you have to work to earn, if you dont go to work then you dont earn), Small business(you own a shop stocked with goods, you have to open up the shop everyday for you to earn, if the shop is closed no income), 
Networking(Ponzi,Pyramid schemes {you have to keep signing up people or your network have to keep enrolling people for you to earn}AND Marketing Plan{a marketing plan of any company pays you on the frequency or volume of buying and selling going on in your network because registered members are given monthly target of points they must purchase and the quantity they buy is more than they can consume in a single month so they must sell}).
Example of Network companies that are categorized as Ponzi, Pyramid, Illegal, money stealing schemes are 
a. Helping hands international (H2i)
b. Global Helpers Allaince (GHA)
c. Growing Circles
d. Forcournas Allaince group
e. Let us partner with you
d. NGN 1000 etc. 
Note: Ladies and gentlemen dont be fooled with these phrase most of them use "Where there is no product and services are offered business is done" they always always use these to cajole you. Listen and listen well to the truth, the interaction of the services must be from a parent company to its registered member while these members grow a network of people that would keep offering that service for them where they earn commission on the said offered service not from a company to orphanages, building a mall, investing in a business etc. 
Examples of network marketing companies that operate marketing plan includes
a. Forever living
b. Gnld
c. Swiss Garde
d. Kedi healthcare 
e. Edmark 
f. Organo Gold
g. Oriflame
h. Longrich etc

Passive Residual income is the income that keeps coming when the effort used in producing or providing it has stopped. For example Real estate(If it takes 6years to raise a building, as long as the building stands, people would keep leasing the apartment and the owner would keep earning fo the rest of their life), Networking(Compensation plan- A compensation plan is a system that pays you on the rate and frequency of product usage or consumption going on the your network passively). Etc. 
There are only 2companies found that utilizes a compensation plan system;
a. Trevo (Best mlm company on product)

b. eklipse consults (Emerging best mlm on services)

I always tell people who really seek residual passive income, not taking network marketing as a job. In a marketing plan, mlm becomes a job because you will need to constantly keep changing distributors and customers. 
Personally, i am an advocate of passive residual income because what does it profit a man who has residual bills not to have residual income. 
Only smart people knows how important residual passive income is. 
Stay tuned for the next 2articles where i explain the plan of the 2 companies that provide passive residual income in details, their product line/ services line and their business plan. 
Stay tuned 
Paul Show
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GoPro Africa- Undiluted Truth about Helping Hands International

Hello and welcome to GoPro Africa with Paul Show,
Your home for the most sincere and undiluted reviews about network marketing companies in Africa. GoPro Africa would guide you, advice you, and make sure you make the best decision and ultimately have   fulfillment, financial freedom in mlm. 

Today i'll be breaking down the business plan of a company that tends to be making waves here in Africa and are almost completely mute/silent to the non-african community because they understand the policies guiding the mlm industry in US for instance. No one can come and run a scheme on the mlm model and rip people out of their money and go free, although there are so many illegal schemes present in the US but they are being closely monitored. Vemma had a taste of this policy enforcement. 

GoPro Africa decided to explain HELPING HANDS INTERNATIONAL also known as H2i.
Helping hands originated from the philippines. Studying the past trend of network marketing companies, the Philippines and Chinese have played major roles in the establishment of a long list of ILLEGAL network marketing companies which have basterdized the mlm industry completely and their major dwelling place where they always succeed in  spreading their Illegal network. Africans are gullible to anything "A WHITE MAN/WOMAN BRINGS". Real time statistics shows that mlm companies originating from philippines and China has been the leading cause of over 80% of scam schemes and hatred for mlm in
Africa grew massively. A long list of them who most times operate virtually, or just get a small physical office to carry out their illegal activities and after having ripped a lot of people they dissappear into thin air with all your money and funds. 
Helping hand International is a Ponzi Scam or a Pyramid Scheme.
Read these very slowly and careful, If you dont get this definition am about to give then nothing in this article would make sense to you.
A Ponzi scam or Pyramid Scheme is the distribution or redistribution of investments from newer investors to older investors while the owner of the scheme takes off a CHUNK of the transfer of funds. Commissions in a Ponzi scheme are only paid on recruitment and eventually the number of new recruits fails to sustain the payment structure, and the scheme collapses with most people losing the money they paid in.
Helping hands international is a non governmental organization who embraced the network marketing model system of leverage claiming to offer services. In reality when there is no sales of PRODUCTs and SERVICES are being rendered then business is ON. 
The first question i would want you to ask yourself before you continue reading this article is this; 
If your answer is To grow residual passive income which leads to financial freedom then some issues have to be understood before i explain h2i business plan. 
If you just want to join a chain of people whose duty is to rip people off their money and sell dreams to them then i'll propose you stop reading this article NOW. 
There are 2 types of people in business. Those who LOOK at a business plan and those who SEEs a business plan. Ladies and Gentlemen there is a huge difference between looking and seeing. Anyone can look at a business model but only the smart and wise ones have the ability to SEE beyond. In most of my trainings and financial empowerment programmes, i like saying that "a person who can SEE far i call a  Pharisee and he who cannot see far is a Nearisee".
The goal of anyone joining a multi level marketing company should be to build residual income to have financial freedom. 
Many people have gotten this goal twisted. 
GoPro Africa defines Residual passive income has the income that keeps coming when the effort in producing or providing it has stopped.
Ladies and Gentlemen you dont get residual income, you BUILD it, let no company deceive you that when you attain a particular rank, or level you start getting residual income. NO.
There are so many business vehicles that can give you residual income. For instance Real estate provides Residual passive income, even if it takes you 5years for you to raise a building structure, as long as that structure stands people would keep renting it and your income flows even when the effort in raising the structure has been long gone. 
Online betting platforms in my current research now gives residual income to the owners. For example, Nairabet, Bet9ja, Merrybet etc. Do you know that as long as you place a bet using any of these platforms either you win or loose the owners of the platform makes commissions. Sincerely, he/she is not interested in knowing if you are winning or not. They spend more time preaching dreams, and showing how people have earned millions just to make sure you place the bet. Yes it is true some have earned so much, but its a one time event. Why not channel that energy into something that can keep paying you passively when there is no active activity. Now even if it took the owners 4years to own the platform, now the effort has gone but the income keeps coming. Recently, Nairabet signed "Phyno" as their brand ambassador to help stimulate the initiation of more people into cosmos of the betting syndrome regardless of the results they are getting.
He was also given a Range rover.
Now here is it. Look at the desperation in the words Phyno said on hashtag #who no play, no go chop. 
Ladies and gentlemen, Just like helping hands international, you can NEVER attain this level of achievement no matter how much you spend, invest, on nairabet. (Am not saying they have similar business plan) my point is that your presence/ activity in nairabet, h2i gives the owner of the platform residual income while you are just the "TOOL". Same thing with Sure bet and "Olamide".
Now who is wiser, the owner of the platform, or you who work hard for your money and donate it them with the possibility of winning. Be wise Africans.
Network marketing is the only business vehicle you can board with the least capital base, least risk with indefinite earning potential. 

Now dont get this twisted, open up your mind and read this slowly. 
Network marketing involves growing a network of USERs not DISTRIBUTORs around a unique product and monthly product reorder for CONSUMPTION is what gives residual income OR growing a network of PERSONS offering a SERVICE of VALUE to Parent company. 
The interaction of activity is between a Parent Company that produces the PRODUCT or Offers SERVICES to an MLM member who in-turn PROMOTES the brand by building a network of consumers around the offered Service or Products and he/she gets commissions based on the frequency of activity activated in his or her network organization. Once he/She has been able to successfully build a network of USERs around the product or services, he gets paid on each activity or usage carried by his team members and this is Residual Passive Income.
H2i tells you they offer humanitarian services, trade and skill aquisition, property, loan etc. Now join me now while we break down in sincerity the business plan of H2i.

Please pick up your calculator lets do this together.
Using an Exchange rate of N165 to $1.
Registration is N6600 ($40)
Upon payment of this fee, you dont get exchange of VALUE either in product or service from h2i, so they call it donation to become a partner. (Ponzi)

For each person you enroll, you get a referral bonus of N1320 ($8). 
You complete your STAGE 1 (Associate stage when the matrix has been filled up to 6persons in your organization.
In this scenerio, you are a very smart person, so you personally enrolled the 6people.
This is a breakdown of your earnings. Remember, you are required to bring in just 2 people but in this instance, you brought in 6people.
If for each person you enroll, you are paid N1320 and there is no exchange of value for the enrollment fee, so h2i hasnt made any loss.
Lets subtract N6600 - N1320 = N5280
Helping hands international makes a profit of N5280 on each person enrolled into the system. 
Your total earning potential if you enrolled the 6people to complete your associate state is N1320 * 6 = N7920. Then you also get a matrix bonus of N1650 for completing 
stage 1. 
Total earning = N7920 + N1650 = N9570
Total Profit to h2i = N5280 * 6 = N31680

Looking at this margin, you see how much h2i is making from just collecting money from Peter, removes a chunk of it and gives Paul the little balance. 

STAGE 2 - Master Stage

Something happens in this stage which got us worried at GoPro Africa. 
Your total earning potential at the end of this stage is N165000 ($1000)
Total no of people to complete this stage is 30people but these 30persons individually must have completed the stage 1 matrix, that means 30 * 6 =180people. 
Total income h2i makes at this point is 
N5280 * 180 = N950400

Same thing happens at the end of your stage 3 the Super master matrix.
At the end of stage 3, you receive a car from h2i. 

1. Helping hand international does not provide residual income has they claim to and you cannot have financial freedom on this platform.

2. Helping hands international embraced the multi level model to umbrella a ponzi scheme. They dont offer services, the skills aquisition are very cheap and its obvious they ddnt spend much. The services offered by an mlm company should be between the company and its partners or registered members not to the external population.

3. If you want to build residual income, we at GoPro Africa wont advice you to join h2i, but if you goal is on cars, bonus, incentives and awards then you can go ahead. Cars, bonus, incentives, travel trips are by-products of chasing residual income. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you have a residual income of lets say $3000 monthly, you can afford to affect any orphanage home, impact positively to your society. I asked a lady at the Car award in Enugu, how much was her total income at the point of collecting the car and she said $3000 and i went ahead to ask if these $3000 keeps coming into her account monthly after collecting the car. She said NO. 

4. If you dont want to go to build residual passive income which is the only way to have financial freedom then you can go ahead with h2i. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you enroll 20people in h2i for instance, and you finally find a genuine company you can build residual income on their platform and you go back to talk to this 20persons, they would not listen to you because to a large extent they have lost trust in you. Everybody joining your organization in any company is based on a aorta of trust. So cherish that and never toss them around. 

5. Helping hand International over the years in Nigeria is one of the most sustainable Ponzi, Pyramid scheme and still trending. 

6. Overall, H2i is the only mlm model in the history of network marketing in Nigeria that has given out more cars than any other. 

7. In comparison with other mlm models, h2i stands alone as the quickest scheme to penetrate any kind of population without any prior skill, knowledge and education. 
I would liken the model to body sprays. The original Givenchy perfume for instance sell for about N25000. You can also get a brand name Givenchy perfume for just N1000, content isn't original, container isn't, quality is extremely low compared to the original but statistically the N1000 Givenchy sells more in units than the original but its not sustainable. 
For those looking for sustainability you have to get the original (Residual income), fot those looking at raising quick cash from the matrix model. (h2i does it best).

To Us at GoPro africa, we would advice, you make a decision of what you want, h2i targets the middle class and low class individuals in most location who can easily afford the registration fee with potentials to own cars, bonus and incentives. The level h2i starts paying you even when you are inactive is the highest rank, Royalty bonus but the commissions paid annually on this level CANNOT sustain you for a year. Residual passive income is completely absent from the business plan.

For those who are living below average and want to have average money or cash NOT INCOME and wants to enjoy the fascinating benefits of Leverage system earning from Other People's Effort (OPE), Other People's Money (OPM) and Other People's Time (OPT) then helping hand is a good way out for you. 

Like i always say, don't join a team because someone introduced you to it, the team you join is an important factor to your growth. 
I met a lady who understands the model of the mlm business, that the growth of your team member is the only determinant to your progress so she works closely with her team member to a very extreme extent to make sure they earn. 
And let no one deceive you, the Level you attain where Helping hands start paying you a annually, the money being paid is not substantial and cannot be referred to has residual income. It more like a annual pension they pay you because the company feels they have enjoyed 500% of your work and effort and wants you to have 1% of that annually. A residual passive income that cannot sustain you for 3months can never lead to financial freedom. 

Paul Show
GoPro Africa

Sunday, 21 February 2016

GoPro Africa- Undiluted Truth About Aims Global

Hello Readers, I am Paul Show. Gopro africa was launched to ignite a positive movement for network marketing in Africa. 
Note that every point i give here is based on my own opinion and a conclusion made after vigorious, intensive research that NO ONE would EVER tell you about a particular mlm company. The mlm industry is one of the most sensitive industries. Why?;

For every person that joins a particular network marketing company and those not earn the fortold bonus and incentives, the person becomes a negative to the industry not the company. In communication for instance, if MTN services are not so good, you dont become a negative to the communication industry, but you may try out ETISALAT until YOU FIND WHAT YOU WANT. 

In reality so many people have heard or joined one company or the other in the past and have gotten their fingers burnt and therefore have completely lost trust in the realistic viability of the capacity of network marketing thus, the TRUST SYSTEM for a large population is extremely SLIM and not FLEXIBLE.
In most countries in africa, at the mention of network marketing people flee because a vast majority of the African population have learnt "a lesson for life", when it comes to network marketing.
GoPro Africa is the first of its kind home, leading aright, educating Africans to make the right decisions before joining any multi level network marketing company so they wont be misled and ultimately to grow a new trend of people who can be proud of not only network marketing model but also of their sustainable earnings from a particular mlm company. Gopro africa understands all the pain, tears and brokeness you have felt in the past and for some are still feeling with many mlm companies.
Your trust in Gopro is the most cherished treasure we value. 
Today on Gopro Africa, am going to be writing about Aims Global also known as Alliance in Motion Global. You are going to find out what you never knew. If you are already a member, what they never and never will tell you if you just attended the seminar and ultimately find a way out. I know some would call me names for exposing them but if you think i gave an opinion that is wrong in your terms, please do leave a comment so we can all learn. 
Just before i go into explaining In details, Less than 10% of individuals in africa are involved in network marketing, over 90% are informed (-vely or +vely) about the industry but an average ratio of 1 in every 5persons are either aware of network marketing or have heard off or had an experience and most times turned out bad(Sad). 
I lauched Gopro africa, not only to educate people on mlm but dimistify in details the marketing plan or compensation plan of mlm companies in Africa and you make your decision.
At this point, i'll give out 2 MAJOR points, Ladies and Gentlemen, if you think any of this points is wrong, then you can stop reading this article, and go back to learn about the multi level industry.
1. The multi level network marketing industry first reason for creation or establishment is to provide RESIDUAL PASSIVE INCOME. Residual Income is the income that keeps coming when the EFFORT in providing or producing it has stopped. If a network marketing company doesnt give residual income then you have boarded the wrong train. Network marketing is the best vehicle that you can board with the least RISK and have INDEFINITE EARNING POTENTIAL to residual passive income.

2. Network marketing involves growing a network of USERS not DISTRIBUTORS around a Unique PRODUCT or SERVICES. Advertising has become very expensive for companies so the work or duty of an MLM member is to EDUCATE consumers about product or services. NOTE- The interaction  of activity is between a Parent Company that produces the PRODUCT or Offers SERVICES to an MLM member who in-turn PROMOTES the brand by building a network of consumers around the offered Service or Products and he/she gets commissions based on the frequency of activity activated in his or her network organization. Once he/She has been able to successfully build a network of USERs around the product or services, he gets paid on each activity or usage carried by his team members and this is Residual Passive Income.

The reason why the mlm industry is not embraced in Africa as it is suppose to is because;

1. Most dont understand the model of the business in clear terms more people are now been informed about reasons why they should be into multi level marketing. People are now awaken to the facts that Jobs are not available and no Job security for those who have one. So the urgent need for alternative streams of income with indefinite earning potential is now on the rampage. People are now reading books, articles and there is an increased awareness of Job insecurity. We at Gopro africa predicts that between year 2016 to 2020, africa would observe and witness the HIGHEST records of people embracing multi level marketing.

The Sad News; 

Africans have lost trust in the industry due to the companies who have come in the past. Companies who ripped people off their money, companies who turned people into street marketers, some into semi-pharmacist etc. 

The intensity of the hatred that a large population of Nigerians and most Africans have grown for multi level marketing is SO deep that the downward hierarchy of illegal/ unrealistic business/ money making models have been Ritualist/Blood money individuals on top of the rankings, Yahoo/Cyber Crime which a vast majority of these persons are now assiociated in one way or the other with ritualist, Political Fraud also are associated with fetish acts, shockingly enough, the next on the rank on the average individual's mental state is "Networking People". In reality when you declare yourself as a Network marketer in Nigeria and most west african states the next reflex answer/reaction is "nice how are you managing?" or "so you do go about streets selling your products" or in conclusion they wish you well saying "You will sell". When most of these persons are interviewed and asked about their take on multi level marketing, most people dont even believe people are making money in it, those who believe actually say if they divert the energy used to grow such a large team to earn into their personal business they would do well, i even met someone saying if i have a Job, am working for someone to help him achieve his dream, If i Join GNLD people am also helping the owner of the company achieve his dream so we are on the same page. The concept of leverage in multi level network marketing in Africa is compeltely lost, all that is left is just less than 10%. 

I did a really deep intesified study on the reasons why all these happened and i found 2 Major reasons and only ONE WAY OUT.

1. The Buying and Selling Syndrome;

This is the most sensitive part of the model of the network marketing. Once you miss this point and sign up with a company that ddnt get it right then you have just boarded a wrong TRAIN on the wrong LANE heading to the wrong DESTINATION. I carried out a Statistical Survey and i found out in figures we have way more Marketers than Network marketers, and most painful is that even the said marketers some have Degrees, Bsc, Msc, Hnd, Ond, etc in marketing but are not interested in network marketing even though the model was taught to them in their syllabus. When i interviewed a fraction of this population, i came to a conclusion that current standings in Africa is that Networkers/multi level individuals DONT like marketing (selling a product to people) and Marketers DONT like networking BECAUSE they would still be required to do marketing. Using the words of a supervisor of EXP marketing firm he said "Why would i join a network marketing company and still have to help them sell their products compulsorily and worst part of it is that i would now wait for them to pay me when i can become a marketer to a bank that would pay me monthly and still pay me commissions and bonus for increased marketing activities". 

2. For you to have passive residual income in network marketing you have to have PRODUCT REORDER or SERVICE REOFFER but the sensitive part of it is this; If the product reorder required by a parent company is more than you can consume then indirectly they require you to sell and this is a wrong TRAIN, but if its for consumption then its RIGHT. Ask your self, the required quantity of products you are to buy as monthly autoship in your company from 100pv, 100bv, 4cc, etc can you consume them personally in a single month, If you cant then you must hit the streets to sell them. Note: No company would clearly tell that you have to sell, they would always tell you its not all about sales but about building the network but when you sign up, you'll realise they do indirectly.

PAUSE... (Ask yourself this), If you are not a registered member of your company can you keep buying that QUANTITY of PRODUCTS for the next 6months. In all sincerity to yourself if your answer is NO then you are only buying not because you need them or you want them but just because you are required to buy them even if the products are wonderful and of VALUE but the quantity is pheeeew!!!.

Allaince In Motion Global is an amazing network marketing company. Allaince In Motion was formed by Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, Francis Miguel and John Asperin in September 2005. Although on their website (, they claim to have launched in 2006, however the company's domain name was registered in September 2009.

The company distributes and markets food supplements manufactured by Nature’s Way USA, and premium blended beverages. AIM Global is the ONLY direct sales company accredited by Nature’s Way USA as its exclusive distributor for Direct Sales in the Philippines and other countries in the world. 

For those who doesnt know, Nature's way is One of America's leader in herbal nutraceuticals medicine company for over 40 years. Nature's way been around for over this period and still on top rating in herbal medicine means they have been able to stand the test of time and are fully established as a successful Company.

In my opinion and study i highlight my reasons why i think that Aims global is a good company.

Most times when we attend seminars and business meeting we all come out excited that Wow people are making a lot of money and we want to be a part of the tree that is making the money ignoring the core fundamentals of the industry and not unveiling the secrets behind each of this companies. 

In the last rankings, Aims global is the best mlm networking marketing in the world.

Aims global is an amazing company with a Compensation plan NOT a marketing plan. Most companies have marketing plans like Longrich, edmark, Forever living, Oriflame, Lebest, greenlife etc where you are being paid on the buying and selling activity (Distributor) of both you and that of your team members but a compensation plan pays you the frequency and quantity of usage the network you grow.

Finally the truth behind Aims global has been reviewed and these are my points; If you think am wrong go and find out yourself.

1. Aims global is the only approved and accredited direct selling of network marketing company that distributes just a number of Nature's way products through the mlm model.

Allaince in Motion distributes and markets food supplements manufactured by Nature's Way USA, and premium blended beverages. It is clearly written on Aims global website that they are the exclusive distributor of Nature's way product via the mlm model. Knowing that Aims global have only been given access to only but a few of Nature's way products, Nature's way has a long list of other products, the alarming aspect is that on Nature's way disclaimer, policy, and company information, there is NO mention or declaration of Aims global attesting to the fact of being an exclusive distributor. 

2. Allaince in Motion Global operates an hybrid System which is the Binary and Unilevel Systems. On the binary, you earn a direct refferral bonus of about N1900 per person you enroll in Nigerian Naira and a matched sales bonus of N5700 for each time a dual sales or enrollment occurs balancing left and right leg. Note: You earn this matched sales bonus to infinity level even without reorder. The problem with Aims Global in Africa is the problem of thier promoters. 

They promote the brand wrongly, they tell you "Come and join Aims global where Autoship is not compulsory or not tied to our earnings", on the unilevel system of business plan and thats where product reorder is carried out BUT they dont talk about it, they only prospect people by explaining the infinity potential of the binary system. This made a vast majority of their registered members to ignore reorder of product monthly and concentrate on enrollment to maximize their earnings on the binary system making Aims global a PONZI or PYRAMID SCHEME. One way to identify a Ponzi scheme is that, a ponzi pays only on enrollment/recruitment of new members thus it cannot provide residual income. Aims global in Africa is a PRODUCT BASED PONZI SCHEME. They give you VALUE exchange for you registeration fee, but the chunk of your earnings comes from recruitment bonuses. I gave a speech about the Aims global in Nigeria and their trend towards the negative and somehow, the information i gave got to some of Aims Global headoffice in the phillipines and they contacted me. This is a munch of our chat.

*Take a close look at the concluding words she said, that in the philippines, they understand clearly"
Network marketing is about EDUCATING consumers about why they should consider or Use a product or services. Aims global concentrates on educating, promoting recruitment of new members by selling DREAMS.

In Nigeria, there are about 10 Global Ambassadors in Aims Global, I interviewed one of them, YES, she has earned a lot from Aims global, I asked her when she joined Aims global, she said  2012, she was among the first 400people who sat for the first seminar during the launch. I asked how much she has earned between 2012 and 2015 and she said over N15million. I went further to ask how much she earns on a monthly basis if recruitment stops, and she said about N400000, I lastly asked how many people on head count are registered in her organization, and she said over 121000people. 

Now ladies and Gentlemen you dont GET residual income in network marketing, you BUILD it. There is a difference between the Journey of a thousand miles which start from a point and you can have a picture of you destination in view and a journey of a billion miles which could take a lifetime to achieve. 

You cannot FEATURE in the FUTURE you cannot PICTURE- Paul Show

To suceed in business, it takes 200%, 100% from your passion, drive, persistency and consistency for the business and 100% from the business vehicle you choose. If you choose a vehicle that has the maximum capacity to only move at a slow pace, no matter your drive and passion all you will get is the slow out put. 

3. Network marketing is a system based on leverage. Leverage is an increased way of attaining something. Gopro Africa believes that, if leverage is an INCREASED way of attaining something then to reach true leverage, it should NEVER be about YOUR activity. 

Ladies and Gentlemen this is a major reason why, network marketing trust system is so slim. If a network marketing company allow you to earn from your activity, they do 3 thing that are completely wrong in my terms;

1. Investment- When you earn from your activity in network marketing, the company has created a platform for investment indirectly.

This is a major cause of the mlm trend fall in Africa. People say, "I lost N500000 in Forever living", and i tell them that you lost that amount because the company created a platform where you can earn from your activity. Someone who lost such amount of money in a particular company would automatically have a closed mindset for mlm. 

2. Buying Your way To The Top- When a network marketing company also allows you to earn from your activity, it gives platform for buying your way to the top. For instance, if it takes 1000pv to become a Manager, you can sign up today, buy goods worth 1000pv and the same day you become a manager. 

Gopro Africa says to reach true leverage every body has to start up from the same point regardless of how much you sign up with. Different registeration packages should only be for those who want more products at a start but they should earn Points or Commissions from their activity. 

3. Multiple Registeration- This aspect is a means companies who are more interested in stimulating cars, bonus, incentives and trips than providing residual passive income. I tell people that cars, bonus, incentives and travels are By-products of chasing residual income and should never be the goal. 

Aims global operates a system where registeration can be duplicated. Someone signing up with 7accounts. In my terms this is pure inequality, what happens to those who doesnt have the funds to duplicate their account. In mlm is not about your status or financial standings but creating a platform where everybody starts from the same point and hs the same view of the future. I call it JUSTICE on registration point not EQUALITY on personality. Everybody must start from the same point to grow and have the same view.


1. Aims global has been present in Nigeria for instance since 2012, between 2012-2015, Allaince in motion has a population of over 150000 distributors, 10 Global ambassadors which is the highest rank, Nobody in Aims global Africa can give a financial statement of him/her earning N1m Residual passive income. Why? Basically because of the notion and education they sell which is "come and join Aims global where product reorder/autoship is not compulsory and you can still earn millions" so they base on commissions from recruitment which can never give financial freedom or Residual income.

2. Based on Product, It takes about 15mins for the breakthrough product of Aims global C24/7 to be absorbed. Supplement are good and powerful but its being stated in a Journal released by a group of scientist that Liquid based supplements are more adviceble because they are bioavailable meaning readily available for absorbtion into the bloodstream. Tablets, Capsules state supplement contains chemicals for preservation and most of this chemicals have side effects. Food supplements are suppose to fill up the nutritional gaps so excessive intake or over dose should never have negative side effects but if it does then its because of consumption of the chemical used in formation and preservation of that supplement into tablets. There was a reported case of a woman who had a reaction on her skin after improper take of C24/7. 

read more on the report here

3. C24/7 is said to contain over 22000 nutrients and they claim to be the best nutritional supplement. C24/7 contains over 22000 phytonutrient not Ingredient. One ingredient such as Noni for instance can contain over 6000 phytonutrients, so dont mistake phytonutrients which are extracts of nutrients which are extracts from ingredients. c24/7 scored a phenomenal rating by brunswick lab scored over 208 000 ORAC(Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score. 

4. Aims Global came 1st as the best mlm network marketing company in year 2015, based on votes by Now think about this deeply, Aims global product C24/7 came 2nd based on votes as the top direct selling product of 2015. (source- Aims global also came first as the top mlm company for 2015 by votes meaning they probably had the highest number of participants, distributors or members involved because they are on a fast high trend penetrating every city, state, location and country in africa.

Shockingly, searching through the list of highest earners in network marketing for the year 2015 from ranking 1-500 earner i found NO Aims global member on the list of top earners based on passive residual income. You can check it yourself here

How will a company win best mlm network marketing company when none of its members WORLDWIDE proudly earns $150000 monthly residual passive income, which is the only link to financial freedom. 

Take a look at the population of Aims global distributors in the philippines.

Guess what?. With these large population of distributors Aims global has been able to build, NOBODY in Aims global has a residual monthly income of $150000. Sign up to become a distributor with Aims global and you join the crowd. 
Aims global only came first because they are more populated following the current trend but the ratings of an mlm company should be based on the companies ability, and capacity to EMPOWER individuals and provide financial freedom with Residual passive income at accelerated frequencies. In Africa registration frequency for Aims global is on a very high trend and increasing monthly but still at the point of writing this article NO member of Aims global can go inactive and his/her team also TODAY, and he/she continues earning a minimum of $100000 monthly residual passive income. 

With this points listed out, GOPro Africa says NO, Allaince in Motion Global is not the best or even one of the best network marketing company in Africa.

Ladies and Gentlemen change is one thing that is inevitable, the same way you talking to a prospect to CHANGE his/her mindset about network marketing and join your organization is exactly the same way you should accept change.

Yes anyone who fails in an mlm company is basically because of his/her fault, but majority of people work so hard on a network marketing company and inside of them expect they should be getting more, their commissions cannot be equated to the effort they are putting in. 

Holton Buggs in his Rags to Riches story was involved Religiously and dedicatedly with about 6mlm companies for years before he finally joined OG and became successful, read his full story here

Dont be loyal to a company because you feel you are required to, you cannot be doing the same thing and expect a different result. Go and read about all the To earners in the mlm industry, they never remained in a particular company, when they saw the company couldnt serve as a vehicle to earning a fortune, they CHANGE. 

Africans, be wiser and smart, study the plan of a company before you go in, this is the best time to join an mlm company and this is also the best time to go pro in our decisions, and we here at Gopro Africa would assist, guide and lead you to make sure you dont make a decision that wont be worth it.


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